Music = Emotion


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About drmmr1

Jason Lawrence is a live performance and studio music recording artist who has been fortunate to work and play along side many talented and even legendary musicians.  His inspiration for performance began around age 5 by playing piano, acting in small plays, and dabbling with drums.  Formal music and drum lessons began at age 10 with local band directors instructing and encouraging him to continue his progress in the school band.  Participating in various local and State concert, symphonic, jazz and marching band solo and ensemble events, he was able to study ensemble instrumentation and learn how he fit into the music.  This fueled his passion.  At age 15, he finally got his first drum set and began jamming in his parent's garage to all of the music he could get his hands on.  His performance has been filled with emotion and love for music ever since.


An expression relating to my mental, physical, and emotional approach to playing drums and performing music. 

My vibe.  

Music = Emotion